Soviet/Russian Chess Set


      Royal Chess Mall provides chess enthusiasts with an extensive selection of the finest Russian and Soviet chess sets. The Soviet Union produced a disproportionate number of world chess champions, making the game very popular there. From 1993 to 2000, nearly all of the world's top chess players hailed from Russia. Chess has played an important role in Russian history and culture from the Middle Ages onward, thus there is a wide range of chess pieces from different eras and geographical locations. The Soviets see chess as one of the most intriguing and instructive games available. High-end wooden chess pieces are built to last and look great over years of rigorous use.

      Here at Royal Chess Mall, we have the largest selection of Reproductions of  Russian chess sets at high-quality. Our expert craftsmen meticulously carve and turn each wooden chess piece by hand to provide the finest quality set available. We also provide a selection of Russian chess sets for sale in a number of woods, sizes, and designs to go with your new set of outstanding chess pieces.

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