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The original Dubrovnik Set traces its roots back to the 1950s, emerging from the skilled hands of master carver Jakopović in his esteemed workshop. These are the very pieces Bobby Fischer lauded as his top choice. He famously remarked, " I think it's the best chess set I've ever played on. It's just a joy to play with, a joy to hold, the definition of the pieces, the design, … it's just a marvelous set, but it's very hard to get, I don't have it." Now, we've brought to life an exact reproduction of the 1950s variant Dubrovnik chessmen.

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I've already acquired about three chess sets from Royal Chess Mall. I've been very pleased overall with the quality and their communication. 

Al Su Chess

Very Very Happy! Thank You.

Pepe Gay de Liébana

It's the most beautiful chess set that I've seen in real life.

the chess nerd