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      FIDE commissioned the first set of Dubrovnik chessmen in 1950 for the 9th Chess Olympiad, which took place in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia (now known as Croatia), from August 20th to September 11th. Unlike other chess sets of the time, these were built from the ground up to endure tournament play, with bigger and sturdier bases than other sets, and included a cross finial on the King and a mitre in the Bishops. During the 19th Chess Olympiad, which ran from September 5th to the 27th and took place in Siegen, West Germany, the Dubrovnik chessmen were reimagined. The famous encounter between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer at this event in 1972 created the ground for Fischer to challenge Spassky for the World Championship. To a new generation of chess players, we proudly introduce the Dubrovnik chessmen.

      We at Royal Chess Mall are pleased to provide the Dubrovnik chess set for sale. Our expert craftsmen carefully carve each chess piece by hand, using only the finest woods.

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      At Royal Chess Mall, we make high-end chess sets from scratch for each and every one of our customers. Reach out to us if you've got an idea for a design, and we'll do our best to make it a reality.

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      Elevate your Chess Experience with Dubrovnik Chess Set

      One of the reasons chess is so widely played is the aesthetic value of its pieces, which adds to the game's appeal as a strategic and tactical challenge. Dubrovnik chess sets, both for players and collectors, can be beautiful works of art and fascinating conversation starters when exhibited with pride. These Dubrovnik chess sets represent the pinnacle of the game, and would make a fantastic addition to any player's or collector's collection. From a hand-made Dubrovnik chess set of heirloom quality to an excellent chess set with an antique theme, this collection has it all. Anyone interested in woodworking, chess, or scroll sawing will find inspiration in the exotic woods, expert craftsmanship, and one-of-a-kind designs shown here to create their own customised Dubrovnik Chess set.

      Dubrovnik Chess Set for Sale at Royal Chess Mall

      The quality of a Dubrovnik chess set may be judged by a number of variables, including as the type of wood used, the level of detail in the design, and the amount of time spent on each piece, notably the knights, which require the most labor-intensive level of hand carving among luxury chess pieces. Our Dubrovnik chess sets are meticulously inspected after each and every step of manufacture, which is carried out entirely by hand from start to finish. Buying a Dubrovnik chess set from Royal Chess Mall is a safe bet since our pieces are guaranteed for 3 years.

      Why our Dubrovnik Chess Sets are Different?

      Due to our longstanding relationships with the industry's oldest and most reputable manufacturers, we are able to create and provide Dubrovnik chess set for sale at competitive prices. We're thrilled you've decided to check out our assortment. It is a great addition to any event, be it a wedding, a birthday celebration, or a business conference. To own a Dubrovnik chess set is to own a piece of history and refinement, since the sets are as beautiful as the city they come from. Most people, while embarking on a furniture buying expedition, will tote an item from store to store until they find what they consider to be the perfect fit.

      Type Of Wood Use To Make High End Dubrovnik Chess set

      The premium chess sets we offer are crafted from a variety of set in ebonised boxwood & Antiqued Boxwood, Mahogany stained & Boxwood. Our Dubrovnik chess set come with a limited lifetime guarantee covering any and all manufacturing flaws. In addition to standard Dubrovnik chess set, we also carry deluxe chess set combinations and luxury chess set combos.

      Choose from our selection of chess storage cases to ensure the safety of your prized chess sets. The elegant appearance of high-end chess pieces contributes to their allure. Historically, chess sets were considered a status symbol and were only purchased by monarchs. The chess pieces were often more elaborate and featured beautiful hand-carved decorations. These days, people still like the opulent aesthetic of chess pieces. What are you wiating for? Go and get your hands our Dubrovnik Chess set.

      It’s Time To Add Dubrovnik Chess set in Your Play Area!

      A high-end chess set in the classic design, with a circular board and matching pieces made of solid wood. A high-end chess set is typically the focal point of business gatherings. Reason being, it's a sign of sophistication and professionalism. A posh Dubrovnik card game, dubrovnik chess set used in a commercial environment is likely to be more robustly made than one used in a social gathering. Luxury chess sets, on the other hand, might use metal, leather, or any other long-lasting material instead of wood.

      When shopping for a Dubrovnik chess set, it's crucial to consider the aesthetics of the pieces. It need to be suitable for the high standards of the company or institution that would employ it. Traditional chess sets are generally carved from wood. There is a wide variety of wood types, each with its own unique look and capacity to accept a variety of treatments. Most people looking to acquire a high-end antique chess sets should match the board's wood and design to the existing one. This will guarantee that the set fits in with the existing decor and looks good.