About Us

Crafting Excellence

The Journey of Royal Chess Mall

Royal Chess Mall was started with a mission to bring to fore the exquisite craftsmanship of the artisans of India. It traces its origin back to the small city of Amritsar, India wherein the narrow streets of the small town, live the greatest chess artisans of the world.

We make high quality chess sets from exotic woods and fine metals, carefully sculpted down to the smallest detail, turning into true pieces of art.

What was started as a small shop has now evolved into a full fledged global chess brand catering to the demands of chess lovers across the globe.

With all the love from our patrons across the globe, Royal Chess Mall, has grown on to become one of the most loved chess stores with distribution centers in USA , UK, Germany & India to cater to its clientele in North America , Europe & other countries worldwide.

Handmade Manufacturing

Handmade manufacturing of chess pieces involves skilled individuals crafting each piece. This traditional process requires careful attention to detail, as artisans shape, carve, and finish every piece with precision. The result is a set of chess pieces that is not only functional but also a work of art, showcasing the craftsmanship of the person who created it. Each handmade piece carries a unique touch, making the game of chess more than just a strategic pastime – it becomes a personal and meaningful experience, connecting players to the artistry and skill behind each move.

Sustainable Wood Sourcing: Upholding Ethical Practices

At our chess store, we prioritize sustainable wood, meticulously selecting materials from responsibly managed forests. This ensures our chess sets are not just crafted with precision but also environmentally conscious. By choosing sustainable practices, we contribute to ecosystem preservation and support local communities. Enjoy our timeless products, reflecting our dedication to ethical practices and planet preservation.

Empowering Artisans through Fair Wages

At our chess store, we champion fair wages, recognizing the artisan’s valuable contributions. We empower them by ensuring fair compensation and contributing to the economic well-being of their communities. Choose a chess set from our store to not only enjoy exquisite craftsmanship but also support a fair and ethical artisan community.

From Designer's Sketch to Integrated Design

The Manufacturing Process of Chess Pieces

Step 1:

Crafting the Initial Sketch

Our artists draw the first design of our chess sets. They carefully plan how each piece will look. It's like creating a special picture for each game. This makes our chess sets not just for playing but also for enjoying the beautiful designs the artists make.

Step 2:

Selecting High-Grade Wood

We pick top-quality wood for our chess sets, matching it precisely to the size and design we want. This ensures that each set is not just good-looking but also durable, giving you a great chess experience.

Step 3:

Craftsman Crafting Chess Pieces

Our craftsmen skillfully shape and craft each chess piece, infusing them with passion and attention to detail. Their hands-on approach ensures that every piece is a unique work of art, contributing to the exceptional quality of our chess sets.

Step 4:

Hand crafting of the knights of the chess set

Crafting the knights for our chess set is a skilled art form. Our craftsmen meticulously shape and carve each knight with accuracy, infusing it with character and strength. These handcrafted knights become the centerpiece of strategic battles on the chessboard, reflecting the dedication and artistry behind every move.

Step 5:

Weighting of the Chess Set

Carefully adding the right balance to each piece ensures stability during play, enhancing the overall gaming experience. This attention to detail in weighting not only contributes to the functionality of the set but also providing enthusiasts with a premium gaming experience.

Step 6:

Final Polish and Quality Checking

Each set undergoes a thorough quality check, guaranteeing that every detail meets our high standards. The final polish adds a touch of refinement, enhancing both aesthetics and durability. This rigorous process ensures that each chess set leaving our workshop is not just a game but a masterpiece of quality and craftsmanship.

Visit Us for a Cup of Coffee at our Warehouse

Come and join us at our warehouse for a coffee, where craftsmanship thrives. Explore curated collections, chat about chess, and witness the artistry behind each set. Let's enjoy the joy of chess over a warm cup, creating lasting memories together. Our doors are open, and we can't wait to share our passion with you.