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      The Bauhaus chess set is an iconic design that is both stylish and functional. Royal Chess Mall has a range of premium Bauhaus chess sets that are expertly manufactured and constructed using durable materials to ensure a long lifespan. Our Bauhaus chess sets are a faithful reproduction of the original 1923 design by the Bauhaus sculptor Josef Hartwig.

      Bauhaus Chess Sets are characterized by exquisite craftsmanship.The set is made up of simple geometric shapes that are meant to symbolise the concepts of harmony and balance. The simple, sophisticated style is ideal for today's homes, and the high-quality construction is sure to impress.  

      The Bauhaus Chess Set is definitely going to get some attention, and it's sure to be a hit with any chess lover. It's also a great gift idea for anyone who appreciates good design. The Bauhaus Chess Set is a must-have for any design aficionado or chess enthusiast.


      The classic Bauhaus chess set is a beloved product among players and collectors. Josef Hartwig, an esteemed German sculptor, designed this iconic set. Hartwig was known for his modern geometric sculptures and felt that the traditional chess set pieces should reflect this style. He designed a set that transformed the pieces into geometric symbols according to their functions.

      The Bauhaus chess set by Josef Hartwig is one of the most iconic chess sets ever created. Its unique design has made it a highly sought-after collector’s item, and the set has even been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York since 1969. The set consists of 32 handcrafted pieces carved from a single wood block. The pieces have smooth, rounded shapes that reflect the modernist aesthetic of the time. The set also features a distinctive black-and-white color scheme, another hallmark of the Bauhaus style. The black pieces are made of ebony wood, while the white pieces are made of boxwood.

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      Premium-quality Bauhaus Chess Sets That Deserve Your Attention

      Finding genuine chess pieces that were truly curved in the hands of experienced artisans is no easy feat. At Royal Chess Mall, our skilled artisans have been curving exquisite chess sets for over 30 years. Made with care while respecting its historical importance, our premium-quality Bauhaus chess pieces demand the onlookers to take a second look.

      Unique and Rare Pieces

      We don’t deal with chess pieces that you get from the store next door. No. Our experts spend hours curving every single piece with unshakable concentration. As a result, you will receive timeless and unique chess pieces that you will never find anywhere else.

      As each piece is handmade and holds a breath of historical rarity, they can go out of stock quickly. So, don’t wait. Buy your own unique Bauhaus chess set today!

      Built with Utmost Care and Precision

      At Royal Chess Mall, our artisans stop at nothing to go beyond the set standards and create premium-quality chess pieces that contain unique luster. They are carved, polished, and glossed with utmost care and extreme precision. We create Bauhaus chess sets that are built to last a lifetime.

      Fine and Quality Materials

      Boxwood, rosewood, and ebony are some of the most sturdy, exotic, and costly materials. They are perfect for creating fine wood art that would become more expensive as they age. We curve our Bauhaus chess pieces with the finest of these woods, so you can make your next move with absolute grace.

      Get Top-quality Bauhaus Chess Sets Made of Superior Materials

      Sometimes, top-grade material is all it takes to create some of the most elegant, mesmerizing, and beautiful chess pieces. And at Royal Chess Mall, we deliver exactly that. All of our chess pieces are carved from exotic materials like ebonised boxwood, bud rosewood, and golden rosewood without exception.


      Boxwood is one of the most frequently used materials that our artisans sculpt chess pieces from. The grain of the wood lends itself well to intricate carving, so boxwood chess pieces can be quite beautiful. Boxwood is also a relatively light wood, so it won't weigh down a chess board. Royal Chess Mall uses boxwood to develop stunning yet sturdy Bauhaus chess pieces and boards.

      Ebonised Boxwood

      Ebonised boxwood is an excellent choice for your new chess set because it is both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. The ebonization process gives this wood its distinctive black hue, making it a popular choice for high-end instrument sets. Also, it's a highly tough wood that can take a beating without breaking. In addition, it is dense enough to resist warping over time, unlike other softer woods. The geometrical Bauhaus chess pieces built using ebonised boxwood have a traditional and timeless feel that is hard to replicate.

      Golden Rosewood

      The use of golden rosewood for chess sets and boards is highly recommended. The texture of the wood is stunning, and it is incredibly strong and long-lasting. As a result of its widespread demand, golden rosewood is commonly used to craft a wide range of chess pieces and sets available at Royal Chess Mall. If you seek antique chess set that looks elegant yet simple, our Bauhaus chess sets made of bud rosewood and golden rosewood are all you need.

      Why Should You Buy Bauhaus Chess Sets from Royal Chess Mall?

      When it comes to manufacturing timeless chess sets that tell stories of ages old, Royal Chess Mall is a pioneer in its field. We have raised the bar to meet your specific requirements since we have skilled craftspeople and a plentiful supply of high-quality materials in key nations.

      We made our pieces with utmost care and patience, leaving no room for mistakes during the manufacturing process. We only put the finest Bauhaus chess sets for sale, ruling out the products that are mired with even the slightest imperfection.

      Still not convinced? Take a look at even more reasons why you should shop with Royal Chess Mall to enjoy an unforgettable chess experience.

      30 Years of Experience that Reflects in Every Piece

      We have been in the chess industry for more than 30 years, developing a deep understanding of every nook and cranny of the game. Our artisans have been through countless trials and errors over the years, slowly building experience to sculpt flawless chess sets. Our team is dedicated to providing you with nothing less than perfectly crafted symmetrical Bauhaus chess pieces. Our skills, dedication, and original products earned us the top-seller award in 2019.

      Quality Materials, Sturdy Chess Pieces

      Royal Chess Mall only sells top-notch chess products made from premium-quality materials, which can last a lifetime. Our artisans only use top-quality woods, like rosewood and ebony, to carve world-class chess sets. So, whenever you buy a chess set or other chess products from us, you will only get the best pieces that come directly from our factories.

      Wide Range of Bauhaus Chess Collection

      Whether you’re looking to buy a Bauhaus chess set that has a modern feel or a timelessly elegant look, we can fulfill your chess needs. We create every single piece of the sets with utmost care to ensure every piece can fit perfectly with the board, no matter what kind of material or design we use.

      We also have a wide range of finely crafted Bauhaus chess pieces and boards that will fit your budget.

      So, feel free to browse through our collection of chess sets to find the pieces that suit your needs. Do you have a question regarding our chess pieces? Contact us today, and we will happily help you out!

      Get Your Hand-crafted Bauhaus Chess Set Today!

      Want to get your hand on a premium-quality Bauhaus chess set but not confident about buying online? Don’t worry. Every single chess set purchased from our shop comes with a solid 3-year warranty with added benefits like zero-cost replacements. We sell premium quality chess sets made of exotic materials that are built to last long.

      We sell our chess pieces to all major countries all over the globe. So, no matter where you live, your order will be delivered to your doorstep at the fastest speed for no extra delivery charge.

      Royal Chess Mall is on a mission to deliver the highest-quality chess sets to all chess enthusiasts, players, and collectors. Find Bauhaus chess sets with magnificent colors, mesmerizing designs, and hand-crafted chess pieces at affordable prices.

      Buy your very own Bauhaus chess set today!