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      Over the past century, metal chess pieces have been growing in popularity and fame. Many chess collectors prefer metal chess pieces to decorate their home and make it look more luxurious. At Royal Chess Mall, you can find chess pieces that are carved and designed with unique themes, contemporary design and decorative art. If you're looking to get your hands on the most stylish, innovative and exclusive metal chess pieces, be sure not to miss our premium quality products that come with unmatched value.

      Royal Chess Mall is a leading name in the chess industry offering an exotic and rare collection of chess metal pieces that will fit your needs, preferences and, most importantly, budget constraints. Being heavy in weight and designed with style, the durability, style and finish of these chess pieces remains unmatched.

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      Definitely, you can. With Royal Chess Mall, you can customize your design. All you have to do is let us know your specifications; our passionate craftsmen will work on them to produce the best products. With Royal Chess Mall, you can create a unique and beautiful chess set that is perfect for you.

      You can get notified once the presently out-of-stock chess pieces are available. You can purchase it thereafter. Or else, make a back order; we will initiate the manufacturing process as soon as possible to ensure on-time delivery.

      Indeed, at Royal Chess Mall, all products related to chess needs are shipped internationally for free. From chess pieces and sets to chess boards, tables, and even beautifully crafted storage boxes, everything is available here.

      We ship chess products worldwide. From EU and non-EU countries to North America, Royal Chess Mall offers Express Shipping via Fedex/DHL in 4-7 business days. And for the remote locations, we ship via Indiapost.

      After placing your order, you can track it and see whether it has been shipped or not.

      At Royal Chess Mall, we accept payments through credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, and American Express) or online payments like Pay Pal, Google Pay or Apple Pay. If these payment alternatives don’t work, contact us here at for a payment invoice via Payoneer.

      At Royal Chess Mall, we provide a no question asked to return all products for 30 days. At buyers need to contact us within 30 days of receipt for return guidelines.

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      When it comes to chess pieces, the most common material used in its manufacturing is wood. However, metal chess pieces are known for their uniqueness, style and durability. The chess pieces made by using high quality metals like nickel, brass and pewter look not only attractive but also hold a solid feel. Whether you're a chess player looking for a robust chess set that can handle regular play or you're a chess collector looking for a gleam that can attract the eyes that fall on it, all you need to do is browse through the collection of luxury metal chess pieces for sale. The best part is we offer gold and silver chess pieces that look elegant and high-end luxurious.

      Royal Chess Mall strives hard to provide the finest quality chess boards with metal pieces that the chess players and chess admirers will love to have. We wholeheartedly invite you to check out our collection and choose the metal chess pieces that match your taste, style and budget. We're pretty sure that you'll find the finest and premium quality chess pieces from Royal Chess Mall.


      We, at Royal Chess Mall, take pride in offering a wide range of traditional and modern metal chess pieces for all of our clients. Beautifully crafted by our skilled and experienced craftsmen, the chess designs will surely please your heart and eyes. Here are some of the most stylish chess pieces available at our store.

      • Brass Chess Pieces: Amongst all the different types of metal chess pieces, brass chess pieces come with unique design and quality. The filigree-like and intricate engraving of the chess pieces make them look adorable and elegant. Having perfectly engraved and finely finished chess pieces will make your space look more luxurious. If you've a chess board of 19 or 20”, you can prefer the brass or nickel chess pieces.

      • Gold and Silver Polished Chess Pieces: If you're looking to go a step ahead in terms of luxury and look, be sure not to miss our collection of gold and silver plated chess pieces. The beautiful and eye-catching design of the chess pieces will surely leave you awestruck. The experienced craftsmen of Royal Chess Mall create a timeless piece using gold and silver polishes. For the chess lovers who play on a 17" chess board can definitely choose gold and silver plated chess pieces to do justice to your set.

      • Modern Stainless Steel Chess Pieces: With the love for chess pieces growing, Royal Chess Mall is expanding its collection by adding beautiful chess pieces. You can now shop for modern and contemporary designed stainless steel chess pieces at our store. Each of the pieces is carefully carved and designed by the skilled artisans to ensure that there are no flaws or errors. Our ultimate goal is to offer small yet heavy metal chess pieces that you won't regret buying.

      Royal Chess Mall is the pioneer in the chess industry, offering a vast spectrum of beautiful, intriguing and perfectly weighted products. If you're looking to get your hands on the perfect chess piece (no matter antique or modern), feel free to browse through our unique selection and get one for yourself today.


      Buying a metal chess set is now super easy; the team at Royal Chess Mall is here to help you find the best chess set that aligns with your preferences. The skilled chess craftsmen and artisans are there to help you get the finest quality and hand-carved chess pieces.

      Let's have a look at a few more reasons to choose us for your chess pieces shopping.

      • Lowest Price Guarantee: We believe every chess lover needs to own an admiring and valuable chess piece. This is why we bring you the most elegant and luxurious looking chess pieces at rock-bottom prices. We can guarantee the lowest price for our products without compromising on the quality. The guarantee is only applicable on comparing products of similar quality.
      • Passionate & Skilled Craftsmen: At Royal Chess Mall, we have a team of highly skilled and passionate craftsmen. They pour their passion into each chess piece to offer outstanding, decorative and admiring items at the end.
      • Years Of Experience: Royal Chess Mall has been offering world-class metal chess pieces for 30 years. The artisanal twist that the artisans pour to the piece will not only last for a lifetime but will also ensure that you won't ever get bored of the design and style.
      • Unmatchable Quality: Since we handle everything in-house, from manufacturing to production to packing, you can rest easy knowing that you'll get the best quality chess pieces delivered at your home. We always stand ahead in delivering decorative chess pieces that are elegant to look at and satisfying to play with.
      • Supportive Team: The best part about shopping with Royal Chess Mall is that you don't have to worry about anything from choosing the high-quality chess pieces that match with your existing chess board. We're here to help you with all your questions, helping you to get your hands on the best and affordable modern or antique metal chess pieces.

      Besides chess pieces, we offer metal chess sets (a complete combo of decorative metal chess pieces and an elegant chess board) to all of our clients. Check out our collection today and get ready to enhance the way you play chess.


      Royal Chess Mall is delighted to offer a prestigious collection of chess metal pieces at prices that won't hurt your pocket. Regardless of where you reside, the team of Royal Chess Mall takes pride in shipping the items worldwide. Buying chess pieces from us comes with a great number of advantages including fast shipping, hassle free return within 30 days, and three years warranty on the pieces. So, buy now!