Storage Box For Chess Pieces

      If you're looking for a beautifully designed and elegant storage box for your chess pieces, your search ends here. Along with supplying the finest quality wooden chess sets, Royal Chess Mall brings you a luxurious collection of storage boxes as well. The best part about the storage chess boxes is you can store each chessmen at specified places. Our vast range of storage boxes made with different materials like wood, and artificial leather not only keep your Staunton chess pieces safe but also elegant and high-end luxurious when placed in your space.

      The massive chess piece storage cases collection at Royal Chess Mall will surely please your eyes and suit your budget. Browse through our collection today and get ready to buy a presentation box that matches the royalty and quality of your Staunton chess set.

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      Definitely, you can. With Royal Chess Mall, you can customize your design. All you have to do is let us know your specifications; our passionate craftsmen will work on them to produce the best products. With Royal Chess Mall, you can create a unique and beautiful chess set that is perfect for you.

      Indeed, at Royal Chess Mall, all products related to chess needs are shipped internationally for free. From chess pieces and sets to chess boards, tables, and even beautifully crafted storage boxes, everything is available here.

      We ship chess products worldwide. From EU and non-EU countries to North America, Royal Chess Mall offers Express Shipping via Fedex/DHL in 4-7 business days. And for the remote locations, we ship via Indiapost.

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      Chess Pieces Storage Box - A Blend Of Beauty & Elegance

      Whether you're a chess lover or you're a chess collector, it's vital to keep your valuable chess pieces secure from dust, breakage and more. The best way to keep them protected and safe is by using a chess storage box. At Royal Chess Mall, we take pride in offering high quality chess storage boxes handcrafted by skilled artisans and craftsmen. You can find a wide collection of leatherette storage boxes, wooden storage boxes, and leather boxes at our store. The added advantage of choosing the chess storage box made by Royal Chess Mall is it comes with a soft cloth in the interior. It is designed to keep the chess pieces safe from scratches. If you're looking to maintain the shine and beauty of your chess pieces for long, be sure you choose our chess storage boxes.

      Chess Piece Storage Box For a Grand Experience

      Royal Chess Mall brings storage box for chess pieces that resonate luxury. The chess boxes are crafted beautifully, making sure that your chess pieces stay in good shape. At Royal Chess Mall, the chess boxes get either a wooden or artificial leather exterior which would make your space look regal. For the interior part, the boxes get soft clothing to give cushiony support to the chess pieces. In the chess boxes, you can see compartments to store every chessman at a given place. The storage box for chess pieces are customizable in terms of style, size, and color. From hinged to flat chess boxes, we offer a wide selection of boxes that would not only give your chess sets a comforting space but also elevate the look of your interiors.

      Opulent and Classy Chess Storage Box

      We at Royal Chess Mall offer chess piece storage boxes that are stylish and budget-friendly. Every chess player wishes to keep their chessmen organized. And these storage cases do exactly that. Each of these storage cases features partitions where you can keep your chess sets in good condition. Every box of Royal Chess Mall speaks for its craftsmanship. We take pride in making durable chess piece storage cases with soft clothing on the inside and artificial leather or wooden cover on the outside. This will secure your chess pieces from scratches, dust, and breakage. Furthermore, every chess storage box from our luxurious collection exhibits a unique design and style. Chess players or chess collectors can rightfully spend their money to purchase hinged storage boxes or flat chess cases that are hand carved by our passionate craftsman. These chess set boxes will add grandeur to your space with their aesthetic and, of course, opulent finish.

      Different Styles Of Chess Boxes

      Our 30 years in the chess industry has helped us to deliver a wide range of products to our clients. When it comes to storage boxes, we offer a premium quality collection of chess boxes made from high quality wood including golden rosewood, walnut, rosewood, mahogany, etc. Here are the main styles of storage boxes you can choose at our store.

      • Presentation Chess Boxes
        Royal Chess Mall brings you the finest collection of presentation chess boxes to store your chess pieces. The storage box comes with different inserts for the different chessmen. Stacking your chess pieces inside the inserts will not only help you to keep them scratch-free, but the exclusive look will make the box elegant and beautiful. Whether you're planning to keep the storage box in your living room or you wish to get a chess set with a storage box for your chess lover friend, a presentation storage box should be your best bet. The brass fittings with the perfect touch of fine quality material make it look more intriguing.

      • Hinged Chess Boxes
        Another fine quality chess box available at Royal Chess Mall is the hinged type. It comes with two separate internal boxes for simple stacking. The storage box has two clasps made of brass to ensure that the lid is closed tightly. Finest quality rosewood used in the manufacturing and the soft cloth applied in the interior make the storage box perfect for your high-end chess pieces. Prepared by our experienced craftsmen, the storage box will remain aesthetically appealing for the numerous years to come.

      • Flat Chess Boxes
        If you're looking to opt for a simple storage box for chess pieces, you can opt for flat chess boxes. They are made with quality golden rosewood and hand-carved by our dedicated and passionate craftsmen. The two storage compartments covered with soft cloth ensures that you get the maximum benefit out of your money spent on the box. Storage box for chess pieces is available in different sizes, styles and colors. Hence, you can rest easy knowing that you'll find the perfect match for your pieces at our chess store.

      Why Royal Chess Mall?

      Storage box for chess pieces is one of the major things every chess lover needs to own. It not only assists you in keeping the valuable chess pieces safe, but also ensures that you don't lose any of the pieces. Buying a storage case from Royal Chess Mall comes with a plethora of benefits that include:

      • Finest quality material used in the manufacturing to ensure the stability and durability of the product.
      • Crafted and manufactured by artisans and craftsmen who have more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the industry.
      • Double checked storage cases to ensure that they'll keep the chess pieces comfortably.
      • Equipped with inner soft cloth made of high quality to prevent scratches and more.
      • Wide range of designs, styles and colors available in storage boxes to help you match the storage box with the design of chess pieces.
      • Available at moderate prices so that our customers don't have to burn a hole in their pocket to purchase one.

      Whether you're looking to buy a simple chess piece storage box or you wish to go for something stylish, we've got you covered. Our collection is filled with storage boxes that are designed uniquely to meet your exact needs and preferences. Some of the designs you can get from Royal Chess Mall include:

      • Lid-type sliding box
      • Foldable box
      • Double-decker tray box
      • Briefcase styled box
      • Fix slot storage boxes

      Regardless of what your taste, style and budget is, you'll find a beautifully crafted storage box to keep your items safe. Browse through our collection right away and choose the one that goes well with your needs.

      Note - Size is not an issue at Royal Chess Mall. Our collection includes all the sizes of chess storage boxes that can hold even the largest size of King and Queen. You can search according to the size and we'll display all the relevant information. In case you are unable to find the chess set, our customer-friendly team is there to find it for you.

      Buy High-Quality Chess Storage Box At Royal Chess Mall

      Even though chess pieces are a thing to keep without storing it and letting it please the eyes of every visitor, sometimes pets and small children can make it hard to keep the chess pieces as such. A chess set is a valuable thing that you own; that is why it's vital to keep it protected and secure from everything. The best possible way is to choose a well-designed and elegantly styled storage box for your pieces. We, at Royal Chess Mall, present a wide collection of storage boxes hand made by our expert chessmen. You can buy any of the chess storage boxes and rest assured that your chess set investment is safe.