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      Since its inception in 1849, the classic Staunton chess pieces are one of the most beautiful classically designed pieces available on the market. The Staunton line of chessmen was named after and endorsed by arguably the greatest chess player of his generation, British chess master Howard Staunton. Journalist, Nathaniel Cooke was credited with the original design, while the set itself was introduced to the world by John Jacques.

      The thing that sets the style and design of Staunton apart from the others is that it has got approval for official chess tournaments. The king piece is perfectly carved with a crown on his head and a cross sign. Likewise, the queen wears a coronet and a small ball over the top. Each of the pieces are beautified and well-presented to enhance the overall look of the chess set.

      Whether you're looking for an American staunton chess piece or you wish to opt for German, Royal Chess Mall has got everything covered for you. We have a fine collection of original staunton chess pieces that are specifically designed for chess lovers like you. Our artisans and craftsmen go above and beyond to ensure that you get the top-class staunton pattern chess pieces.
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      While choosing the staunton chess pieces, be sure there are no markings or stamps. Plus, be sure that they are of the same style and same design.

      Wooden Staunton chess pieces are one of the most commonly used chess pieces. You can choose them from our rare collection of chess designs to get one for you.

      Our policy regarding custom-made staunton chess pieces is simple and secure. We offer world-class custom designs; however, such designs are not subject to cancellation and refund.

      A big yes. Even if the chess pieces are out of stock, you can back-order them. We'll start with the manufacturing as soon as possible to ensure that you get the timely delivery.

      Yes. We offer customized staunton chess pieces design that will align with your ideas and preferences. We can customize it according to your ideas and we deliver it to you within a few days. 

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      Shop Staunton Chess Pieces At Fair Prices

      Every chess lover wishes to have a chess piece that looks elegant and is functional. At Royal Chess Mall, we strive hard to provide staunton chess pieces that are high in quality, durability, and stability. With a team of skilled craftsmen, we ensure that you get the best products without spending out of your pocket. We have a wide range of chess pieces built from different materials and wood types. You can scroll through our collection and pick the one that meets your unique needs and budget constraints.

      Qualities Of Staunton Wooden Chess Pieces

      At Royal Chess Mall, we have been offering world-class and superior quality chess pieces since our inception. With a team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, we create chess pieces that look elegant and beautiful. No matter which chess board design you've, our beautiful chess pieces are worth your time, attention and money. There is no doubt that there are hundreds of chess stores who claim to offer top-notch chess pieces. At Royal Chess Mall, we prefer proving rather than claiming the quality of our product. Have a look at the main qualities that set our staunton wooden chess pieces out from the crowd.

      • High-Quality Wood One of the most important things that sets our chess pieces apart from the crowd is the high quality of the wood used in their creation. Our artisans use high-quality wood that is not only elegant in look but also lasts for a lifetime. The best part is that we do all the work in-house. Some of the common types of woods we use during the manufacturing of chess pieces include rosewood, ebony, ivory, redwood and more. No matter whether you're a professional player looking for staunton chess pieces or you're a chess piece collector who wishes to enhance the look of their space, we have got the best-quality staunton chess pieces for sale.
      • Durable Our chess pieces are highly durable as we use the best quality wood during the manufacturing. Besides being durable, they look extremely beautiful when placed in a room. We, at Royal Chess Mall, ensure that every chess piece lover gets the best product. This is why we've got a wide range of chess pieces including themed metal staunton chess pieces and vintage chess pieces. Even if you're just looking to keep those pieces in your room, these beautiful pieces will surely leave the guests awestruck with their beauty.
      • Highly Stable & Weighted At Royal Chess Mall, we take pride in serving our customers with the properly weighted staunton chess pieces. However, not all chess pieces come with the same extent of weight. For instance, the American staunton chess pieces are heavily weighted and thus stable, whereas German Knight tournament staunton chess pieces are relatively light-weighted although quite stable. We recommend choosing the chess pieces based on your needs and preferences.

      Why Choose Royal Chess Mall To Shop For Staunton Chess Pieces?

      Royal Chess Mall has been a trusted name in the chess industry for many years now. We know how to create pieces that our customers will love. Our specialists know the right techniques to create high-quality staunton chess pieces that look stylish. Still unsure about why you should choose Royal Chess Mall? Check out the things that set us apart from the crowd.

      • Unique Chess Piece Design We, at Royal Chess Mall, offer a rare collection of chess pieces. We want every chess lover to get the best chess piece they're looking for. This is why we have a large collection of the best chess piece designs you won't find in any other chess store.
      • Fair Prices Chess pieces are highly expensive and can range from low to high, depending on the material. At Royal Chess Mall, we understand how hard it is to invest a lump sum of money in low-quality pieces. This is why we bring you top quality chess pieces at affordable prices. The beauty and affordability that we bring to your table makes us the best chess store across the globe.
      • Customization Available One of the best things that makes Royal Chess Mall your best choice is our customization feature. We have an expert team of chess piece designers who can build custom-designed chess pieces for you. For instance, if you're having an idea in your mind, our artisans will work with you to help you turn your chess dream into reality. Interested in custom staunton wooden chess pieces? Feel free to get in touch with our team.

      Our 30 years of experience in the industry has helped us to hedge against our rivals and stand as the top chess store. If you're looking to shop for the best staunton chess piece designs, look no further than Royal Chess Mall.

      Royal Chess Mall - Your Trusted Chess Store To Purchase Staunton Chess Pieces

      Royal Chess Mall blends quality with years of experience to create the best staunton triple weighted chess pieces for all the chess lovers. With an ultimate goal to help our clients find the best chess designs under one roof, we work relentlessly and create quality chess pieces. The pieces are hand-carved with the help of top-quality materials to ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of your investment. Our chess designs are capable of making a strong impact in any room and with any home decor.

      There is no doubt that wooden chess pieces are gaining a lot of importance in today's world. To match the evolving demands of the chess lover, Royal Chess Mall is working hard too. We are scaling up our skills, knowledge, technologies and much more. Our hard work and dedication is depicted by the timeless traditional staunton chess set designs and styles available at our store. Choosing the original Staunton chess pieces available at our store will let you enjoy every second of your game play. So, what else are you waiting for? Scroll through our product collection and find the chess design that pleases your eyes and heart.