The 5 Most Expensive Chess Sets In The World

Chess is a popular abstract strategic board game loved around the globe. This game has been played for over a thousand years and has (a lot of) simple rules. Though learning chess might sound simple, mastering the game is not everyone’s cup of tea. Learning to play chess is a great way to keep your mind sharp and even gain some popularity if you are good at it. These luxurious chess sets are collected by chess enthusiasts, collectors, and aristocratic chess players. In this blog, we will discover the world's top 5 most expensive chess sets.

5. The Baccarat Crystal Chess Set

The Baccarat Crystal Chess Set

Among many luxurious chess sets, the Baccarat crystal chess set is one of the true masterpieces. The price of the chess set is €270,723 (approximately $318,000). This set is based on the most beautiful glass designs from some companies. Famous artisans expertly craft each piece of this set. The chessboard is made from solid crystal. The transparent crystals allow light to pass through and create a dazzling view. Only 50 sets of these boards were ever made, making it a kind of antique in the chess world. Crystals in transparent and midnight blue are used to create the pieces.

So, owning the Baccarat Crystal chess set is more than just a chess set; it is like owning a piece of art. The uniqueness and rarity make the chess set one of the world's most expensive chess sets ever.

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4. J. Grahl's Chess Set

J. Grahl’s Chess Set

Grahl's chess set is remarkable and highly appreciated. It is a well-known chess set because of its quality and artistic design. J. Grahl designed the chess set in 1972. The chess set features extraordinary carved pieces made from luxurious materials. The chessmen are commonly made from grained woods such as ebony. Every J. Grahl chess set is crafted in a limited number which is why this chess set is rare and precious, which increases the desirability of chess lovers. The price of one J. Grahl chess set is almost $450,000. Overall, this chess set is an example of astonishing craftsmanship and artistry.

3. The Royal Diamond Chess Set

The Royal Diamond Chess Set

The Royal Diamond Chess Set is a luxurious and elegant board named after Charles Hollander, who is popular for selling luxurious products. The Royal Diamond Chess Set is one of his artworks. The chess set was designed by French artist and jewelry maker Bernard Maquin, who worked for 4,500 hours to complete the design of this set.

The king piece of this exquisite chess set is adorned with a sparkling diamond, and the entire set is crafted from high-quality 14-karat white gold. The remaining pieces, such as the queen, bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns, are also embellished with white and black diamonds. The total weight of the diamond is almost 186 karats.

The Royal Diamond chess set is a symbol of sophistication and status. The design, outlook, material used, and shape of the pieces are astonishing. That’s why the price is also astronomical for this luxury chess set. The price of this chess set is a whopping $4 million.

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2. Art of War Chess Set

Art of War Chess Set

The Art of War chess set is one of the most popular sets in this list. The perfect theme for a chess set would undoubtedly be Sun Tzu's Art of War, as it is considered the ultimate guide to military tactics. This set is a magnificent work of art, which is constructed of pure gold and priceless diamonds, and was created by Victor F. Scharstein. The set's Asian-inspired pieces each had a unique ruby, emerald, sapphire, and diamond, with setting done by hand.

One of the most expensive chess sets in the world has always been the Art of War set. Nearly every continent sent their offers when it was placed up for sale. The Art of War Chess Set is a valuable item for collectors and a unique piece of art with great attention to detail and historical accuracy.

The chess set is a stunning demonstration of history and military strength in addition to being used for playing the game.

The actual price of the Art of War set is unknown, but the maker declined a bid of $750,000. So, the one who did finally buy this magnificent chess set, must have paid higher than $750.000.

1. Jewel Royale Chess Set

Jewel Royale Chess Set

Can you guess the price of the world's most expensive chess set? It is worth more than $9.8 million. The Royale Jewel Company commissioned the creation of the Jewel Royale Chess Set in Great Britain. The set is made of gold and platinum and is studded with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls, and sapphires.

The king piece alone is valued at over £100,000 (approx. $127,386), weighing 165.2 grams of 18-carat yellow gold and embellished with 73 rubies and 146 diamonds. Surprisingly, the price of a duplicate set of the Jewel Royale Chess Set is around 40,000 USD.

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Wrapping Up

In today's premier tournaments, players typically craft their masterpieces on wooden sensor boards and with wooden pieces designed after Staunton chess set and Staunton chess pieces. However, several chess sets serve ornamental functions or are works of art, and in the past, artists have made chess sets of various types that are now sought-after collector's goods. 

So, playing chess in the world's most expensive chess set is not mandatory. But you can collect one if you are passionate and a chess lover. You can be the maestro of chess by practicing chess regularly. I wish you a very good journey with chess and don’t forget to choose the chess set wisely.

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Also, for those who appreciate simplicity, the minimalist chess set offers a sleek and modern design. A storage box for chess pieces ensures organization and easy transport, while a tournament chess set caters to serious players. Alternatively, a marble chess set adds a touch of luxury to the game, blending aesthetics with strategic play.