Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only set
Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only set
Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only set
Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only set
Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only set
Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only set
Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only set
Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only set
Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only set
Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only set
Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only set

3.8" Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Set- Chess Pieces Only - Weighted Rosewood

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Leatherette Coffer Storage Box for Chess Pieces - 3.5" to 4.1" chessmen - with tray

CHF 170.00

Golden Rosewood Chess Pieces Storage Box For 3 to 4 inch chessmen set

CHF 100.00

21 inches Large Flat Chess board Rosewood & Maple Wood - Square of 55 mm

CHF 220.00 CHF 230.00

21" Flat Chessboard in Rosewood & Maple Wood - 55 mm Square- Algebraic Notations

CHF 235.00 CHF 245.00

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The Imperial Staunton chess pieces have an elegant design that has been worked out down to the last detail. The knight in this set has an elaborate head shape including a mane and erect ears. The rook has rounded merlons and thus differs from the classic rather plain design. The chess pieces are heavily weighted at the base making them a delight to hold and play with.

Chessmen Dimensions
Height Base
King 3.8" (97mm) 1.7" (43mm)
Queen 3.3" (83mm) 1.5" (39mm)
Bishop 3.0" (76mm) 1.4" (36mm)
Knight 2.9" (73mm) 1.4" (35mm)
Rook 2.6" (65mm) 1.4" (36mm)
Pawn 2.0" (50mm) 1.1" (29mm)
Wood Combination Rosewood / Boxwood
Dark Chess Pieces Rosewood
Light Chess Pieces Boxwood
Recommended Square Size 1.96" to 2.16" (50 mm to 55 mm)
Total Weight Of Chess Pieces 3.0 lbs (1350 grams)
34 Chess pieces

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Johnnie Green

Well, all I can say is “wow”. What a beautiful chess set! Carved beautifully, we couldn’t be happier. I’ve purchased several sets and products from RCM but this particular set is one for your collection.
Plays beautifully and looks stunning especially in the rosewood. Thank you so much RCM for yet another perfect order. We will see you soon.


Nice pieces


The chess set is of the highest quality and looks grand on the board I am making for my son's girlfriend, still working on it. The price was not bad considering the cost of the wood and time to make them and the shipping was fast. I am extremely happy with your product and would not hesitate to buy from you again.

Abdul Graham Bin Ibrahim

Wow!! …What more can I say. You have to see and feel to believe. Can't wait to play with my son. Thank you

Jan Lueilwitz

Just received my order from RoyalChessMall India. I have to say I'm really impressed by the speed of the delivery, the quality of the pieces and the safe packaging, ,making sure the pieces didnt break during the transport.

I ordered the 3.8' Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces and they look wonderfull. Very detailed and pretty heavy, but thats a good thing.

I ordered them on the 25th of february and they were here only one week later. The packaging was done very precise, packing each piece in a way that they didnt break.

Overall really happy with this order and I would recommend RoyalChessMallIndia to everyone here.


I couldn't be happier with my purchase. My expectations were high given the price tag, and this set did NOT disappoint. the pieces are beautiful, symmetrical, heavy, large, and have a wonderful feel to them. I would recommend this to anyone looking to own a centerpiece set that will last the ages. Side note: the seller reached out to me saying my phone number was required for my order. I did not respond and my order was shipped successfully. They do not actually need your phone number.

Gregory B Moore

I Purchased these beautiful Rosewood and boxwood chess pieces, with the matching chessboard. High quality craftsmanship. Made with precision and excellent finish coats, on the pieces and board. The detail, especially the knights Is exceptional. I would highly recommend these chess pieces.

David Peters
Imperious Set !!

Imperial Staunton 3.8" Weighted Rosewood Set of pieces. This set is magnificent and I am over the moon to have it. First class service all the way from Royal Chess Mall. I will be a repeat buyer 😁

Marc Rupisan

great looking chess set. Item had accurate descriptions & pictures.


Astounding pieces, each expertly carved. One knight appears to have missed it's shoulder carving c.f. the other 3 but this gives the set unique character I think so not concerned about that really. Really love this set and both the wood types look stunning. Each and every piece is lovely and fits perfectly a) on my 2 inch square boards and also b) fortunately in my pre-purchased box. Very pleased indeed with this set and I am a bit of a collecting connoisseur since I have 6 sets already in varying sizes and have bought and sold others in the past from different vendors so I have a little experience in this area. I use all my pieces and boards but this one is super exciting, not just because it's new but it has an awesome weight, feel and look - I plan to play tonight with my housemate.