Marble Chess Sets




      If you want to upgrade your chess game, why not buy a marble chess set from the Royal Chess Mall? These sets are incredibly striking visually appealing, and durable due to the stone construction. With these sets, you will get a variety of stunning variants. From soapstone to marble stone sets, you can find a set that perfectly fits your style.

      The hand-carved marble chess sets are all intricately designed, giving each set a unique look and feel. As the chess pieces are made from stone, you won’t have to worry about them fading, cracking, or chipping over time as you play. Not only will you enjoy a great game of chess, but you’ll have a beautiful set to admire and keep for years to come. So, make your way to the astonishing collection of stone marble chess sets from Royal Chess Mall and pick your favorite set soon.  Also, shop for the best Staunton chess set & Staunton chess pieces for yourself.


      Many factors come into play when deciding on the perfect set for you. The material is an important factor to consider. A classic marble or wooden set provides a timeless look, but a marble set can also offer a unique, stylish style. The quality and durability of the set are key, as you want it to last for many enjoyable chess sessions. Opt for a chess set made of high-quality materials and built to last. Go for a design having regal pieces and a board with a smooth surface for enjoyable play.

      When you choose a specialised marble chess set, you choose an amalgamation of art and a wise play. In addition to helping you have an interesting game, it also adds to the beauty of your home.

      You can get notified once the presently out-of-stock chess pieces are available. You can purchase it thereafter. Or else, make a back order; we will initiate the manufacturing process as soon as possible to ensure on-time delivery.

      Indeed, we can. Our artisans curate marble chess sets according to the likings of our customers. Feel free to reach us through an e-mail, phone call, or social media to get a customised chess set. 

      You can return our chess sets, pieces, or boards within 30 days without any questions asked. Contact us within the return window at, and we will guide you with the instructions. Once your return request is accepted, you have to send the product back to our warehouse in Amritsar. After receiving the product, we check for damages and fully refund your investment when no damage is found.

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      What Royal Chess Mall Promises to Serve?

      At Royal Chess Mall, we serve the finest chess sets you can find. Our handmade marble chess sets are unique and iconic, and we take great pride in the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into each piece. The perfect choice for a special occasion, these marble chess sets offer a touch of luxury and timeless style. If you're looking for something a little more special, we also offer luxury wooden chess sets made from premium quality woods such as boxwood, ebony, rosewood, and maple. These luxury marble chess sets are truly works of art, and their beauty is in the details. Every set is unique, and each one will stand out as a testament to the skill and craft of our artisans. Whether you want something luxurious and elegant or fun and whimsical, you can find it here at Royal Chess Mall. With our wide selection of white and black marble chess sets, you can rest assured that you'll find the perfect set to fit your style and budget. So visit us today and let us serve the perfect chess set on your platter!

      Intricately Carved Luxury Marble Chess Sets

      Experience the regal elegance of marble in the intricately handmade marble chess set available at Royal Chess Mall. All these sets are iconic, with each highly detailed piece taking you back to a time when marble was a symbol of royalty and opulence. From the magnificent and stately king to the stylish and sophisticated queen, each piece has been carefully carved from luxurious marble and polished to a glossy finish. With an array of vibrant hues, no two sets are alike, making each one unique and special in its way. Whether for a gift or for yourself, the intricate black marble chess sets from Royal Chess Mall will be a timeless reminder of the grandeur of the ancient world. Enjoy the game of chess with our luxury marble chess sets that are sure to bring a sense of prestige and sophistication to your home.

      A Wide Range of Marble Chess Sets

      From classic marble chess sets to luxurious hand-carved and modern marble chess sets, we have something that will fit every style and budget. Whether you're looking for something for the collector or a game night with friends, you'll find that marble chess sets are perfect for both occasions. They are timeless and beautiful and provide a level of sophistication and elegance that any other game can't match. Our selection of modern marble chess sets includes pieces handcrafted and carved with exquisite detail, making them truly unique and valuable pieces. The finest quality marble ensures a strong and beautiful set that will stand the test of time. Many of our sets are available in a variety of colors, giving you the ability to tailor your set to suit your tastes. With a marble chess set, you can be sure of an item that will last for generations and be treasured for a lifetime.

      Designs and Quality of Stone Marble Chess Sets

      When it comes to finding the right chess set to suit your needs, it can be difficult to find the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. Thankfully, Royal Chess Mall offers the perfect combination in their luxurious marble chess sets. From classic black and white pieces to bold, eye-catching designs, we have something for every chess enthusiast. The handmade marble chess sets speak for themselves, and the attention to detail is evident in every set. From the smooth surfaces of each piece to the intricate carvings, these sets are truly a work of art. The beautiful colors, textures, and designs of Royal Chess Mall's luxury marble chess set make them a great choice for any decor. Check out our selection to find the perfect combination of quality and aesthetics that you can proudly display in your home.

      Handmade marble chess set by the Marvelous Artisans

      The expert marble artisans have created truly one-of-a-kind marble chess sets. Every piece of this exquisite ensemble has been meticulously crafted with great attention to detail and precision. Its vintage and rustic look adds to its charm and makes it a truly desirable piece to add to your chess set collection. Every detail of this set exudes sophistication, from the intricate markings that adorn each piece to the eye-catching colours of the marble. The board is made of the finest Indian marble, and its beautiful design is reminiscent of royalty. Its craftsmanship is undeniable, and its timeless elegance is breathtaking. With these amazing stone marble chess sets, you will make an impression on your guests and have a great focal point in your home. Buy marble chess sets, as they are truly a sight to behold, making them an interesting addition to your chess collection.

      Marble Chess Sets Takes you Back to Times

      Take a step back to the days of old, chivalry and courtly intrigue when a game of chess was more than simply a way to pass the time. With our vintage designs of luxury marble chess sets, you can live history! These beautiful sets are more than just a decoration, though they are certainly that. They are a portal to a long-gone world where kings, queens, and their courtly attendants would gather in grand halls to participate in the royal chess game. The pieces are handcrafted, crafted with a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is truly astounding. Gleaming marble chess game set pieces decorate the chess boards, bringing a sense of luxury to the proceedings. Each piece is meticulously carved with minute details, such as heraldic symbols, floral figures, and more. As you move the pieces across the board, you can feel the gravity of history behind your every move. Whether you’re a chess enthusiast, an avid collector, or just looking for a unique conversation piece, our vintage and handmade marble chess sets will certainly fit the bill!