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These are amazing pieces. I wanted to show multiple photos, but the review only lets me post one; so I combined images for future customers. Damn. Totally impressed. Note: the board is the "24" Very Large Wooden Folding Chess Board- Solid Sheesham & Acrylic Ivory Inlaid" board with 2.5" squares.

Man, this is nice. Seriously. I can't say enough about the detail. Keep in mind, this came from India to the US; I ordered it on 11/9/21 and received it 11/17/21. Five stars.

Great service, fast delivery, no damages, well protected, and good communication!
Once I opened the box I was blown away from quality of carving, coloring / aging, and craftsmanship. I paired the chess set with my new maple / walnut chess board.
The chess box is root wood burl veneer.
Well done RCM Team! Two thumbs up for the subtle and very nice reproduction of these mid Century Europe chessmen!
The pictures attached do not do enough justice to the set, I am definitely enjoying them!

Tallest, heaviest, best quality pieces I ever get to play with. All pieces look great. However the knight is even more delightful! Additional pair of queens enclosed - perfect!

Nearly undestroyable (unless you attack it with a battle axe or fire) first class board with perfect glossy surface. Will survive ages! Looks even better in real life than on the pictures.

The chessmen are made from ebony and boxwood. They are perfectly crafted with each piece having consistent for for each colour. The ebony pieces are fully black with no brown streaks. Size and weight are ideal. The knights look fantastic being hand carved with beautiful detail and precision in the small detailed carvings around mount and eyes. The knights look large next to the bishop. All pieces are felted at the bottom. They arrived in perfect condition via international shipping. Overall this is a showpiece set of chessmen. I wanted a family heirloom and I have one.

The chess board I bought from Royal Chess Mall is simply stunning. I wanted something that could become a family heirloom and I was not disappointed. It is very well crafted with well aligned squares. The polished finished shows a reflection of the pieces when placed on the board.The ebony (dark wood) is beautiful showing the characteristic brown/black colours of this wood. The maple squares provide a nice contrast. The board is solid and felted underneath. It is a showpiece.

Great set. Drops a star because of a very small chip on the collar of one of the Bishops, apart from that no flaws were detected. The king is a very big boy and the pieces are well weighted. The knight has great detail, love the hair. Small differences in the pieces indicate that this set seems to be hand turned, as advertised. I searched the net for the pieces I wanted and these were the ones that best fitted my wishes for design and size. Competitively priced, you would struggle to find like these at lower prices. If you want a grand chess set and don't want to drop a grand, I recommend this.

Really good looking chess pieces with the right weight even for blitz!
I paid the Express delivery (to Mexico) to avoid potential problems with the Mexican Customs Authorities and the chess set arrived a couple of days before of the ETA.
Really happy with this beautiful chess set.

These Alexandria pieces are one of the finest looking sets I have seen. The quality is impeccable and it's a delight to move them about the board. I especially like the hue and luster of the Rosewood men - real eye candy! This is a set you'll treasure for life and with proper care, you'll have to pass along to your heirs. Simply exceptional!

I have to confess that I got really impressed with the high quality of this pieces. I would recommend it to everyone looking for stunning chess pieces
Congratulations to all the Royal Chess Mall artisans… You are real artists.
Important: please not that there is low contrast between the pieces. Even though it extremely beautiful, it is no ideal for every day play. If you are a heavy player, I would suggest either Lacquered Bud Rosewood / Lacquered Boxwood or Ebony / Boxwood combinations

Nicely carved. Consistent look. Finish is not consistent, splotchy and drippy on some pieces. Felt bottoms were also not quite right. Some appeared to have been torn rather than cut. Still, I rate them a good value for the money.

This red and black version of this set is a real looker! I love it! Also, the pieces are a real pleasure to move about and the weight and quality is super. Yet another terrific set from Royal Chess Mall!

Love these pieces. They were in stock here before any other website. There was a small scratch on the face of one of the black knights, but other than that they were perfect. Delivery was faster than I expected and they were packaged very safely. I�m very pleased overall.

Nice weighted pieces feels perfect on a my favorite chess mate. Good detail on the knights considering price. The cut down the middle bishops are cool also. Good felt. Nice color on the red boxwood they look great.

Could have been very nice board, but unfortunately some of the ebony squares were of low quality with major brown dots.

One bishop had it�s weighing sticking out of the bottom, thus the figure isn�t stable.

I bought an Aristocrat series then decided i needed an Emperor am thinking I really need the Troy series.......?????????????? The craftsmanship is unparalled and iIfeel great using them.

The chess board is wonderful and perfectly manufactured. The delivery was very fast and I am very happy with the product. I recommend it and they are very professional. I'm delighted with the game.

Alexandria Luxury Chess Pieces. Triple Weighted. Bud-Rose wood. King 4.4""

I am convinced it is really difficult to find a chess set that matches the beauty of these Staunton Alexandria. It is useless to photograph them ... the warmth of the dark pieces and the sobriety of the light ones can only be felt when you have them under your eyes. Impressive craftsmanship in every smallest detail. A wonderful knight and an imposing tower. Each piece is a triumph. I bought the set together with a suitable case, also of fine workmanship. The shipping service offered by Royal Chess Mall is astounding. Congratulations to them and best wishes to all chess friends.
Marco Palombo

Absolutely happy with the set. Perfctly manufactured and carefully lacquered. Packaging must not be neglected, the set arrives in perfect conditions. Thank you.

Very beautiful, excellent quality! Love it… 👍

Very beautiful chess pieces, excellent quality! Fantastic colors! Absolutely worth of its price… I’m very happy 👍

Beautiful ebony and boxwood pieces. Lovely weight. Arrived well-packaged in Ireland 4-5 days after ordering -- fantastic service.

Wonderful chess pieces. I bought the Golden Rosewood 1960's Soviet Chess Championship pieces. They are perfect, beautifully made and satisfying to move around the board. The pawns and knights in this set are distinctive. They work perfectly on a 55mm square board. Pieces were quickly despatched and well wrapped and protected. Strong recommendation.