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A heavily researched purchase with a pleasant end result.

I had been wanting a well made, reasonably priced, solid chess set I could keep out and use for games with the kids or analysis purposes. Although attracted to the early nineteenth century Staunton design, I wanted something a little different. I was watching a review by “Random Chess Talk” and he had a Royal Chess Mall version of the Dubrovnik on hand. I liked what I saw, so I started researching other manufacturers versions of the Dubrovnik to get their spin on a classic, well researched, historically significant set. Royal Chess Mall hit all the marks in what I was looking for. Upon arrival I inspected the packaging and found no issues save for a small indent probably suffered during shipping; no fault to RCM and the pieces inside were fine. A couple high lights for me were the wide, solid bases and an almost linear progression from king down to rook. One thing I always thought was a distraction from a Staunton set is the king is generally disproportionate to the rest of the line in height. I applaud the updated rook that is truer to the original and think the knight one of the prettiest of any set I have seen. In closing, the set feels good in hand, well made, has no sharp points to distract from play, and is something I will be proud to pass on one day. At twenty percent off regular price and free shipping I definitely consider this an investment worth making. Thank you.

Slightly imperfected Chess Pieces

The Chess Pieces arrived very well packed and I can't see that imperfections have any effect. Would purchase again.

Beautiful Set - Unfortunate Stain

The set itself is absolutely beautiful however, the stain is definitely sub par, seemingly applied as an afterthought and rushed. There are several spots where the stain is not present and should be (even though the stain appears to be applied with a distressed/worn effect) I’m actually shocked that a set in this calibre would be given such a horrible stain and it was deemed acceptable. I’m a wood worker and I would never send a finished product out like this. Overall the set is beautiful, but the few pieces that were not stained properly definitely takes away from it’s appeal. There was also a ding in the white's king, minuscule for sure but I can't help but thinking this should have been caught in some sort of quality assurance process, if there even is one (it doesn't seem that there is any QA going on here). I had to take away at least 1 star due to the stain but, If these pieces were properly stained I'd give them 5 out of 5 stars. I was hoping that these would be close to as nice as the Minceta Dubrovnik pieces but unfortunately they still leave a lot to be desired. If they ever get this stain issue fixed they will be one of the nicest Dubrovnik sets available though!

Perfect for my 14x14 (40mm square) board!

Beautiful! I wanted a nice set of pieces that would fit my 14x14 board (40 mm square) I got from my Grandfather long time ago! It was difficult to find a good quality set that could fit this relatively small board. I'm very happy with the quality and the feel of the pieces.

I am very happy with the chess set I have received from Royal Chess Mall. The board is beautiful and so are the pieces. It is not absolutely perfect - and I did not expect it to be, as it is hand-crafted from real wood. So, if you extensively examine the board and each piece, you will find what you might call some small flaws, tiny knots in the wood, or perhaps one or two pieces that are a slightly different shade to the others, but nothing that would detract from the overall enjoyment of admiring and using the set. And I think the price is very fair for what you get, with the 20% discount I was able to secure (just write to them and ask). Free shipping too. So, all in all, highly recommended. I am already tempted to buy a second set of a different design, although I absolutely do not need it and don't have the space for it! Mhm, maybe as a birthday present for my godson...

Love the chess pieces the quality is amazing and they honestly do feel expensive and are very well weighted and also very even in both weight and size of all the pieces. The only issue I have is that all the light boxwood pieces have this almost orange look to them depending on how light reflects on them. If you are thinking of buying this set I would definitely recommend it I give it a 9/10 for price and quality just the orange look being my own little concern. ☺️


All Excellent

Beautiful Staunton set

This set is perfect for me! The size of the pieces, and especially the weight!! You won't find a heavier set. I like playing blitz and bullet with these pieces. The metal clank when capturing is fun.

The pieces are great looking, classic Staunton, with lots of detail especially the knights. Finishes seem durable.

Bottom felts could be damaged if not cared for. Wish the bishops had a deeper cut. Only criticisms I have.

My cat approves-


I love this chessboard. It is beautifully made and the color I chose goes very well with the set I chose to buy, just enough contrast I think.

I was hoping for better, quality control was not what I thought it would be

One of the pieces is not cracked and therefore not covered under warranty, but it has what appears to me to be a wood knot, a place where a branch was sprouting off of the main branch of the tree, that is now slightly expanding outwards as a small raised rough bump. This piece is not smooth at all like all the other pieces. It must have been smooth when they ground the piece on a wood lathe and buffed it out and over time is doing this. I understand this is a product that is made from natural wood, what I don't like is that if I knew pieces could come like this I would have not purchased this set. I think this should be covered under warranty, they said no, which should be a warning to others that this is considered within the 'normal' possibilities that you might get when you buy a set. Be sure you are ok with this yourself before purchasing.

Practical Elegance

Traveler pieces are of high quality, the dark pieces have a distinctive rich color only Bud Rose Wood can provide. The pieces will be wasted if only for display, they should be handled and played to be fully appreciated.

Incredible Chess Set

I bought the Alexandria chess set. It’s Beautiful. Now my wife wants to play me every night! I feel like Royalty playing with this set. The detail of the knight is unmatched. The pieces are heavy and slide across the board with authority. Can you tell I love my new set?!

Stunningly beautiful!!!!

Built my chessboard and worried about color match... These pieces perfectly matched the board and are so amazing to look at and play chess with!!!


Beautiful appearance and great quality, a perfect acquisition.

Perfect Set

I had ordered this set for my new table and fit prefect on a 2 1/4" squares. They came fully protected in the packing. This is a great set and is weighted just right.

Good value for money

Good quality overall.
Fine details for all the pieces. The knights are beautiful.
Triple weighted pieces gives an additional plus to the set.
Very fast shipping via DHL. Outstanding experience.

I definitely do not recommend buying "slightly imperfect" cheaper version. There are too many imperfections in terms of chips and color variations.
The textile on the bottom of the pieces is a little bit too thin.

All in all, a good value for money.

Not so imperfect

This set of chess pieces is wonderful, no matter the insignificant imperfections that are barely visible. It is a superb set.

chess set

Arrived quickly. It was packaged very well and the pieces are wery nice. Once I got them in my hands I love them. The weights are very nice, color is matching. I noticed that there is small different between white and dark queen heads. But rest of the pieces are ok I really like the knights. They look very good and when you hold them you have good feelings. I was looking for a set with big pawns, weighted, queens with high close to kings and this special look of knights. I got all what I was looking for. Now I just need find them good box. thanks for the set. It was my gift for myself for Christmas the best one :)


Shipping was faster than expected, took a little over a week. Very well packaged and each chess piece was individually wrapped. The pieces are exactly what I wanted! Would order from here again!

The 1950 Fischer Dubrovnik Pieces - Mahogany Stained

The pieces arrived in a sealed box in seven days. The pieces were individually wrapped so as not to touch each other. The unboxing was so exciting that I felt like a child opening his Christmas gift.

I placed the pieces in a 2.5 inch square board. The pieces looked like they were ready for battle. I liked the contrast of the light boxwood pieces and the mahogany stained dark pieces, with their different shades of hue. When I moved the pieces, I felt like they were like butter sliding in a glass. It will be a real pleasure playing with these pieces.

I weighed the pieces individually. The total weight was 1,416 grams. The site declared a weight of 1,350 grams, so I was pleased with the weight of the pieces. Sometimes, I feel like I just want to hold and admire these pieces as it gives me great pleasure.

In conclusion, the pieces met my expectations. Kudos to Royal Chess Mall for providing us chess lovers with a good replica of Bobby Fischer's favorite chess set, at a good price, and excellent service.


This 1950’s Dubrovnik reproduction is incredible and an almost exact representation of the original 1950’s set. I feel this is one of the absolute best reproductions available and at a great price. You can thank YouTube’s “Random Chess Talk” for leading me to your store! :)

I purchased the mahogany-stained set and it looks so much like the original I was smiling from ear-to-ear for just about every piece as I unpacked! The buffing gives the pieces such a soft, satin glow and the overall craftsmanship is just beautiful. With a few nuanced differences, the Knight is very well done and bold. I appreciate the deference that Royal Chess Mall made to the chess community in changing the design of the Rook to better reflect the look of the 1950’s rook.

Not to overstate it, but these pieces are beautiful, honoring of the 1950’s version, and makes me proud to own a respectful reproduction of a piece of 20th century chess history.

French Chavet Added To My Collection

I own 40+ Chess Sets. Nice little collection. I was showing it off to a Chess Friend of mine, and he liked what he saw, but at the end asked "Where is your French Chavet Set?" I didn't have one. Thanks to my friends at Royal Chess Mall, I have corrected that omission with this beautiful set. The knights are particularly nice. Quickly becoming one of my favorites.

opere d'arte

scacchi bellissimi da vedere e da giocare, davvero complimenti. Comprati ed arrivati a casa in 7 giorni (India-Italia). Fantastico!