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4.3" Marengo Luxury Staunton Chess Pieces Only Set- Ebony Wood Triple Weight

Arrivato perfettamente imballato, pezzi unici e bellissimi, cavallo incredibilmente intagliato, senza parole, come altri acquisti tutto molto bene

1950 Dubrovnik / antiqued

These are exactely the pieces i wanted to have. In shape and look they are coming the nearest to the originals or better to what nowadays pieces should look like by copying " The Dubrovnik 1950" . The originals have been smaller, yes, these are a little larger, thats good. The originals were unweighted, these pieces are, thats good,too. So overall, this is the best chess set i personally could imagine to have. And the antiqued boxwood color is, what i was looking for and it's what make it at least 30% more beautiful than natural boxwood.

The most wonderful chess pieces I've ever bought

I received my chess pieces 1 week ago, until they arrived in Bogotá, Colombia
These chess pieces arrived in perfect condition without any mishap or damage. A wonderful work of carving by hand with the design and rosewood bud, make this chessmen a luxury. Without a doubt the most beautiful and wonderful chess pieces that I have ever acquired. I am sure that Royal Chess Mall will continue to be my favorite place to continue buying my chess pieces for my own collection. Thank you very much. Cordially, Jaime Camacho

Its a gorgeous set unlike some other sets Ive bought from others, including a dubrovnik and Hungarian set, this set has a really classic appearance. It truly looks like its not new even though it completely is. I have to say, I was surprised at the level of quality of this set ! Couldnt be happier. One piece broke on arrival, but I dont blame that on the supplier.


Belli, servizio clienti che ha seguito in modo gentilissimo la necessità di una sostituzione, già comprati altri set, difficile dire quale è il più bello. Bravi

Wow!! …What more can I say. You have to see and feel to believe. Can't wait to play with my son. Thank you

Fantastic pieces of great heft and intricate detail! Highly recommended!

Just received my order from RoyalChessMall India. I have to say I'm really impressed by the speed of the delivery, the quality of the pieces and the safe packaging, ,making sure the pieces didnt break during the transport.

I ordered the 3.8' Imperial Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces and they look wonderfull. Very detailed and pretty heavy, but thats a good thing.

I ordered them on the 25th of february and they were here only one week later. The packaging was done very precise, packing each piece in a way that they didnt break.

Overall really happy with this order and I would recommend RoyalChessMallIndia to everyone here.

Nice set but with a very minor critique

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this set. However, I have found a number of wood fills on the rosewood side. 7 pieces and 1 pawn had noticeable fills. The fills seem to be decently done, but they weren't stained in a way to help hide them. For the price, I may be extremely picky about this. Would this prevent me from ordering this had I known beforehand? Probably not, as most folks that will see this set may not even notice said fills. The rosewood side is pretty with some nice grain, but if I were ever to re-order, I'll just get the ebonized set. I've attached a photo of a couple of the most obvious fills on my set.

Couldn't be happier with the product. Space constraints limit me to a 40cm x 40cm board with 40mm squares and there aren't that many high-quality (hand-made, weighted) options out there at a suitable size, especially as I was specifically looking for Zagreb pieces. I pulled the trigger on these and they arrived from India (to Germany) six days later with DHL (no additional tax). I checked all the pieces and there are no cracks or signs of poor workmanship. The pieces are weighted and come with extra queens, so ticked all the boxes for me; they are just the right size for the board and match up very nicely (Walnut Deluxe from Rechapados Ferrer).
My only criticism would be that the chin on the knights are at a rather sharp angle (see picture attached) and not as shown in the pictures (and other Zagreb pieces I've seen). It's a minor gripe but worth mentioning.
Overall, I'm very pleased. This is my first purchase from Royal Chess Mall and I would happily use them again in the future.

Beautiful chess pieces! Thank you!

I am highly impressed by the craftmanship of the chessmen. It is superb and the chessmen are similar to the photos on your website. All 34 pieces are well polished and totally defect free. The pieces are well weighted and moving them around the board feels great.
I am extremely happy with this purchase and I wish to thank Mr. Amritpal Singh and the team.
I look forward to purchasing more items from your store in the near future.

Absolutely beautiful board! The purchase was so easy. The seller was extremely helpful during my choosing/deciding process! Answered many questions! Packaging my solid! Far exceeded my expectations! Much more rich and beautiful in person! You will love it!

This is a fine quality chess set all everyone who has seen my set is very impressed with it. Mr. Kapoor's great service makes me want to make another purchase -- which will be soon.

Very happy with the product. Real quality craftsmanship. Shipping was extremely fast.

Look and feel "High End". I made a custom board and display case for them.

Rare American luxury chess pieces 4.2 "triple weight Rosewood / Boxwood

Rare American luxury chess pieces
4.2 "triple weight
Rosewood / Boxwood
Beautiful, what is striking is the figure of the King, imposing but slender, and what about the wonderful harnessed knight?
The photo does not do justice to the beautiful veining of the black pieces. I'm happy. Thanks to Royal Chess Mall, my life provider, and best wishes to all of you chess friends.
Marco Palombo. Italy

I decided to go for this set for the design of the pieces, which I think is one of the best. Especially the horses. But after setting them up and playing I noticed they were oddly tilted, most noticeably one white and one black horse. I tried to demonstrate this with a 90 degree ruler. This could probably be easily fixed with screwing the base off and grinding it a little. I didn't bother that much so far.
Other than that, there are no cracks or chips, like some people have witnessed. Ok, there is maybe one almost unnoticeable dent in the wood of one piece, but there is that.
The package was very well prepared with each piece meticulously wrapped in foam.
All in all it's a nice set of classic pieces, well fitting on a standard tournament board. If I were to buy it again, I would probably spend the same money for a DGT set with pieces included so I can track my games with a computer. But that is just me.

Awesome craftsmanship, exquisite detail, handfeel and weight! Highly recommended.

Excellent high end chess pieces! Beautiful craftsmanship, great handfeel and weight.

Je suis trs satisfait de mon jeu d'chec, l'chiquier est magnifique ainsi que les diffrentes pices. Le produit correspond totalement mes attentes et je flicite le vendeur pour son sens du client et la qualit de fabrication. Le produit tait trs bien emball et m'a t livr trs rapidement. je recommande vivement ce vendeur ainsi que son quipe!

Trs belle qualit et grand savoir faire! Le produit correspond totalement mes attentes! Bravo toute l'quipe de RoyalChessMallIndia

Beautiful board. It's a quality made mid-range board. Good bang for your buck for sure!

Amazing board very nice quality 21" board in pics with pieces for 55-60mm space