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      Travel Chess Sets

      We at Royal Chess Mall present a splendid collection of luxury wooden travel chess sets made from premium quality Maple and Rosewood.

      Specially designed to enable you to travel light, and yet indulge in your favourite battle of wits against any willing opponent, wherever you may be.

      Aboard a bus, a train, a flight, or a cruise liner, in a hotel room or a café, or even on a park bench or at the beach – no matter where you are, you can just whip out your set and start playing Chess.

      What’s more, you get to do so without compromising on the feel and playability you can only enjoy with premium handcrafted chess pieces on a beautifully finished chessboard.

      Tailored as they are for travel, these high-quality, portable travel chess sets from Royal Chess Mall come as self-contained kits.

      The pieces are lightweight yet stable, and often magnetised to ensure zero-disruption to play, even while travelling even under windy conditions or over rough terrain.

      The boards either fold into felt-lined boxes to house the pieces when not in play, or have inbuilt drawers below the playing surface, with custom niches for each individual piece.

      So, if you’re a chess enthusiast and a frequent traveller, you’ll most likely find exactly what you seek among the Travel Collection at Royal Chess Mall – your ultimate destination for all things Chess!

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