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      With Royal Chess Mall wooden premium quality travel chess sets, you can pack light and still play chess anyplace you go. The travel chess sets stand apart as top choices by our clients who want a portable high quality playing set. Our high quality travel chess sets are intended for easy to carry when you will travel anywhere and play while on the go. Our collection of travel chess sets incorporates the best quality solid wooden inlaid magnetic folding chess sets accessible online.

      A travel chess set that you'll discover appropriate will have the right mix of size, weight, appearance, premium quality and above all play-ability. The Royal Chess Mall travel set achieves all these points you are looking for. For a wonderful luxury chess piece and folding board, the magnetic chess sets in maple and rosewood offer a strong magnet and incredible looks. The Magnetic chess sets assist you with pausing any chess position and proceeds later by enclosing the chess set with the arrangement of the pieces.

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