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      We, at Royal Chess Mall bring you a fabulous range of novelty chess sets made from metal – mainly brass, and from stone – mostly marble. The collection spans the entire spectrums of design and craftsmanship – from conventional to exotic, classic to contemporary, ornate to minimalistic.

      Designed to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, our Metal and Novelty Collection of chess sets is guaranteed to gladden the hearts of collectors and connoisseurs across the board and from around the world. Every individual piece from each of these luxury chess sets has been meticulously crafted to provide that perfect blend of form, function and durability.

      From starkly simplistic designs at one end of the spectrum, to intricately detailed custom chess pieces at the other, the collection also includes its fair share of Staunton-inspired chess sets – the globally recognised design standard for tournament level play.

      Want to impress your guests with a truly exotic chess set? Check out our exquisitely crafted Soviet Inspired Luxury Brass Chess Set. On the other hand, if it’s a uniquely abstract and minimalistic design you seek to add to your collection, you might want to take a closer look at our Modern Brass Luxury Chess set, tastefully finished in silvered (for white pieces) and antiqued (for black pieces) brass.

      As a chess art afficionado or a serious collector of Chess memorabilia, you’ll find it well worth your while browsing through our novelty collection. Who knows? Acquiring an incredible piece of chess art at Royal Chess Mall – your go-to destination for all things Chess – could earn you a lifetime of praise, appreciation and admiration.

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      Solid Brass Metal Tribal Artwork Warli Luxury Chess Pieces & Board Set- 12"
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      Solid Brass Metal Tribal Artwork Warli Luxury Chess Pieces & Board Set- 12"
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      Soviet Inspired Brass Metal Luxury Chess Pieces & Board Set- 14" - Unique Art
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