Chess En Passant Rule: Defeat Opponents With Special Pawn Move In Chess

Since always, luxury chess pieces chess has been considered a sophisticated matchmaker for those carrying some leisure hours. After all, nothing can be a better exercise for your brain than chess. For this reason, every novice is inspired to be a legendary chess player someday. However, you cannot be called a chess player, unless you own modern luxury chess sets and know the secret En Passant rule, i.e. a very important rule and a smart move for the game.

En Passant term is a French term, meaning in passing. This move is just the capture you want for cracking the pawn of someone who has just lost the opportunity to crack your pawn.

What Is Chess En Passant Rule?

This French term is a straight-forward move to cut the pawn if it is knowingly or unknowingly falling two steps in front of the opposition pawn. Many times one pawn moves without giving opportunity to the other pawns for getting one. It is only after this, the En Passant move was invented for giving special moves and placements to the pawn. This game is a treat with luxury chess sets.

What Should Be The Position For The Special Pawn Move In Chess?

  • If a pawn is on one side, the other pawn must be two steps down to the right.
  • The second pawn must react to the move of the first pawn.
  • The first pawn must fall adjacent to the second pawn.

How To Play The Chess Pawn Strategy With The En Passant Move?

  • When the previous pawn is adjacent, you have the space to step to the diagonal and cut the adjacent pawn.

The Chess En Passant Rule You Need To Know

The En Passant Rule is not applicable in every situation. It is only possible in certain conditions. Here is when you can consider that the En Passant Rule is about to fall.

  • The 5th rank of the white pawn or the 4th rank from the black pawn is the initiative move to calculate the steps of the pawn. In this case, your one pawn must be one square ahead of the half of the board of the pawn. This is how the 5th rank of white and 4th rank of the black is calculated. (NOTE: The ranks always begin from white, headed by the black).
  • You can step the En Passant move right after your opponent plays the pawn move.
  • This can only happen in the next move, and it is not applicable for any move thereafter.

You have to hit the En Passant move right after your opponent jumps two steps ahead and lands next to you.

Is It Necessary To Capture The En Passant Move?

En Passant is a smart move- if only you know when the smart move is. This is why; you must know the right time to choose the move. This depends greatly on the situation.

You must ping the move only when you are aware that it is not creating a door to a bigger threat on the cost of one pawn.

Can En Passant Be A Legal Move? 

While some people question what En Passant in chess is, other people stop their hands thinking if it was legal or not. Here is the answer to it.

The pawn capture rules are completely legal, if only it obeys to some of the conditions.

  • Your pawn is one step ahead of the half board of the opponent.
  • The opponent must jump two steps ahead to land adjacent to your pawn.
  • Your move has to be immediate. It is only a one time opportunity and not applicable on any other moves ahead.


Make your En Passant move on the count of one two three. It is just an immediate chance to turn tables and take situations in your favor. Be the inveterate learner you want to be and play the next chess match with one step ahead on intelligence and strategy.

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